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Jan 22

You need to be on tumblr

If you like twitter (which I do) you should take a look at starting a tumblr account and here is why.

Tumblr in my eyes is a hybrid of twitter and Facebook two every popular platforms. Here on tumblr you can get really rich content layed out in a really simple format.

Kindle for students

I was reading this article http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/will_students_want_a_kindle_for_textbooks.php on read wrtie web

May 5

Apr 27

Apr 17

NEW HP trailer I love that they are getting darker.

Are you a Harry Potter Fan?

Collaboration tools are changing the way we do business

I love the web, I love the technology that comes from the web, I love that I no longer have to make a commute to the office to sit in a closed in no window, gray walled BOX.

Thanks to a hand full of great web application I no longer have to sit in my closed box. Collaboration tools allow users to share documents, transfer large files and talk great distances (That won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

So what does that all mean, well it means that I can now hire and maintain a working relationship with anyone anywhere in the world. I can sit at home in my track pants and be just as productive, just as in the loop as sitting in the next room in a office farm.

These tools are allowing us to create an office space just about anywhere in the world.

Thank you internet thank you


ReadWriteWeb has a great  guide on Some of these great tools


Trim those URL’s

http://tr.im/ check it out yet another url shrinker could we please have just one more of these please? That would be fantastic thanks.

What is your prefered video upload site?

youtube ?
Vimeo ?
Other ?

And why?

Have you go the free lance switch bug ?

Well if you do head on over to freelanceswitch.com tips, tricks and how too’s.

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